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Why ‘ Profile of Bengal’?

Over last two and half thousand years, Bengal journeyed a long path
to evolve into its present entities – an ethnically homogeneous but often
turbulent independent state, a culturally vibrant and politically distinct
state within emerging colossus India, with a few other territories,
enclaves and communities in the surrounding areas, and, also, large
Diaspora getting wider across the globe whose minds are still bound
together by numerous visible and invisible links. Yet the journey is
unfinished. All the entities of Bengal are still evolving – to what destiny
no one knows yet. Perhaps this web page will remind the readers about
the journey made so far, help them to exchange their views on the
complexities of today. Will it also inspire a few erudite minds to share
their thoughts on future in a rapidly changing regional and world setting?

Who should it try to reach and why?

It would try to reach every one – from a person having passing interest
on any information to one who wants a little in-depth understanding on
specific aspect of Bengal’s past and present, and would like to share his
views on any topic. Perhaps through these various segments of Bengal
would talk to each other and form a basis of a new community
for the new era.